Sunday, March 13, 2011

ailebiyuuu ♥

Yes , I love him !

I remember the first time u said u loved me. At that moment i felt like i was on top of the world and no one could pull me down. You made me feel like there was only you and me in this world. It was like you light up the darkest sky with the brightest stars. Across all these miles and far into the distance .Therefore you will have to settle for the heart that I give to you which is the feeling that you feel inside. That is my honest and true love straight from my heart to yours. 

You are out there somewhere And I wonder what you are doing at this very moment. Are you thinking of me? Have I even crossed your mind? I just wish that I could be near you, Instead of across all these miles. I'm sitting here without you, And I'm thinking about all the things we've talked about, I just can't seem to get you off my mind. In your arms, holding me tight is where I'd like to be, instead across all these miles and far into the distance. Even when you get on my nerves or make me mad, I just wanna be with you every minute of my life. I would give my life for you because if you couldn't live I don't want to live because I can't live without you. what im tryin to say is I love you more than you could ever know or imagine. 

Biy, I am forever devoted to our relationship together. You are with every touch everything I have ever wanted. Each and every day I sit and wonder just how all of this came about. We were just carrying on with our lives when all of a sudden it happened, we fell helplessly in love with each other. I grow to love you more and more everyday, and I do not know right now what I would do without you. Sometimes I would like to think my love for you is like a great dream. You have given me a new feeling inside my heart and also have touched my heart in places that I never knew existed.

I love kissing you, holding you, being with you, looking into your eyes knowing and hoping you feel the same way about me. The feel of your skin is more than I can take. I can't keep my hands off you! I love you so much, words sometimes cannot express it. I still remember the first day you entered my life, I knew right then that there was certainly something special about you, what I didn't completely know yet was that you were the man who would turn my world inside out.

I love you! I love you more that words can say and more than I can show to you. I hope that you do know that I do love you and feel it in your heart where ever you go. I love you most of all because you are my one and only, my soul mate. We belong together. Biy, and I couldn't be any happier. I love you with every breath I take, and every beat of my heart. I can't wait until we are able to spend each and every moment together. I can't live without my precious Muhammad Izwan Bin Khairul Anuar.

UPDATED BY capital E (:

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